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The analyzing of market prospects for Home use beauty device

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The analyzing of market prospects for Home use beauty device


The origin of home use beauty device

With the development of product technology, makes more and more electric beauty tools suitable for use at home. Compared with the traditional way of facial cleansing, infusing with hands slapping, a beauty machine can achieve better results than hand working. However, due to the limitations of technology in the past few years, beauty equipment is generally large in size and costly, so these instruments are mainly used in beauty salons. A few years ago, women who wanted to better care their skin, they only had to go to the beauty salon for treatment with the professional beauty equipment. If you want to get long-term stable beauty effects, you should insist on going to the beauty salon for professional care. The price is much expensive and with the limitation of time.  With the development of product technology, large-scale beauty equipment in beauty salons has gradually developed into a home-use and portable. The benefits for consumers are: First, the products are more accessible. Although the high-end electric beauty device is thousands of dollars, compared with the cost of the beauty salon, the price is already very close to the people, the wage-earners are also acceptable; the second is the privatized, it is no need shared with others, can just for personal use, it is more reassured in health. It can use any time and everywhere, have no time limitation.


Market trend and brand dynamics

The nano facial steamer machine, the Microneedle Dermal Roller, the face massages, etc., are the products which first come into consumer’s eyes. They are mainly sold in the small household appliances area of the store or the home appliance area in the department store because it’s the minority category, and the location is not eye-catching, not attracting attention, to cause the weak sales. The brand of Clarisonic is a brand of electric beauty instrument that established its reputation earlier. Their products are mainly based on cleansing function. There are MIA, PLUS, ARIA and other series on the model. Clarisonic is not displaying the products in the home appliance area of the department store. They set up their exclusive area in high-end cosmetics, to close the distance between the target groups, making the electric beauty devices are highly recognized by many female consumers. In the past two years, more international brands have entered to home beauty device market. Professional brands such as Panasonic, Hitachi, and Phillips have also entered into the department store and online platforms. It is no longer limited to the basic beauty effects such as cleansing the skin and hydrating. It can have targeted functions in many aspects such as anti-aging, face lifting, light therapy, oil control, and acne prevention. In addition to the above brand-specific or product line expanding, there are also some cosmetic brands that have added the secondary products line of beauty instruments, such as L’Oreal, Shiseido, Olay, etc., which are rich in product models and product features. Bring to consumers a wider choice.


The market prospect of home use beauty device

The beauty devices market has just started, and it has temporarily belonged to a niche industry in many countries. With the increase in people’s income, people’s demand for a better life is increasing, and the variety of consumption is gradually expanding from a limited variety of daily necessities to diverse. The choice of beauty goods as a non-essential item also benefited from this consumer upgrades. Women’s unchanging pursuit of beauty to promote a strong consumption ability. In China, for example, the female population exceeds 670 million. One electric beauty instrument is purchased every 100 women every year. The average price of the instrument is USD150~500, which will be more than 1 billion dollars per year. Moreover, compared with the growth space of most household appliances with one machine per one household, the home-use beauty device has the potential of more than one beauty equipment, and some beauty experts may simultaneously use five or six devices. With the fast spread of social media and progressively online business, now it’s the best time for the home use beauty devices.

What home-use beauty device do the MeiigoBeauty have?

The product line in MeiigoBeauty covers multifunctional beauty device, photon beauty device, anti-aging device, lighting therapy device, natural mask maker, nano humidifiers, skin scrubber device, blackhead removal device, face steamer, oil/water detector pen, silicone facial cleanser, knee massage, etc., the functions are including: cleansing, infusing, detox, lifting, whitening with the technology of ION-, EMS, Radio Frequency, vibration, heating, ultrasound, ultrasonic beating and so on. Some of the designs are won the design award. If you need more information, please contact me now by leaving a message on WhatsApp or Email:

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