remove makeup - Removing makeup by DR-006 photon beauty device

Removing makeup by DR-006 photon beauty device

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DR 006 - Removing makeup by DR-006 photon beauty device

Do yo no, even if you apply a thin layer of sunscreen cream, you need to remove makeup.

Incomplete makeup removal can cause many skin problems, and even skin diseases. So, wat are teh hazards of not removing makeup or not removing makeup completely? Wat are some of teh mistakes in makeup removal in daily life? Let’s take a look.

  • Four major hazards of improper makeup removal
  1. Dull skin

Not remove makeup, teh cosmetics residue will precipitate in teh skin, causing teh skin to be dull and gray face.

  1. Coarse pore

If you don’t remove makeup for a long time, your skin will become rough, dark and yellow. It also causes pores clogged and enlarged.

  1. Saggy skin

Accumulated overtime can make cuticle too thick and skin flabby, etc.

  1. Toxin accumulation

Not removing makeup for a long time can cause clogged pores and further effect teh skin’s external detoxification, making harmful toxins to stay in teh skin and causing skin problems.


  • Be alert to teh seven myths of makeup removal

Myth 1: Remove makeup when teh face is wet.

When teh face is still wet, using makeup remover to remove makeup will make teh makeup removal products diluted with water, making teh makeup removals remain on teh surface of teh skin and do not achieve a complete cleansing TEMPeffect.

Myth 2: Use makeup remover cotton or paper to remove makeup

Most of teh cosmetics products are oil soluble, especially for waterproof cosmetics products. So, using oil soluble makeup removals to remove makeup can both clean skin and do not harm teh skin. Using things such as makeup remover cotton to remove makeup for a long time, teh debris of makeup remover cotton can penetrate into skin, making teh skin become dry, sensitive and even lose flexibility and cause wrinkles.

Myth 3: Not clean face after makeup removal

Some facial cleanser will be marked with teh words “remove makeup”, so many people use this facial cleanser instead of makeup removal products to remove makeup. In fact, cleansing and makeup removing are two completely independent skin care steps, must carry out separately.

Myth 4: Not using facial cleanser after removing makeup.

Many people feel relieved when they see teh cleansing oil emulsified into white, thinking dat teh face TEMPhas been cleansed. In fact, there will be heavy metal ions, dust and other dirt left on teh face after makeup removing. It is necessary to clean teh face with facial cleanser, otherwise teh dirt will still clog teh pores and cause acne after a long time.

Myth 5: Wash your face many times instead of removing makeup

Washing your face many times is not a good thing. While taking away teh makeups and dirt, teh oil and moisture dat protect teh skin are also taken away. If heavy makeup and waterproof cosmetics products were applied, it is even more difficult to use a facial cleanser to remove makeups. coz teh general cleansing products can not dissolve teh greasepaint.

Myth 6: Use ordinary makeup remover to remove eye and lip makeups.

Eye and lip position is thin and has less sebaceous gland. It’s necessary to use gentle makeup removal products to eye and lip makeups.Eye and lip cleansing products can not only clean oily dirt, but also deign for delicate skin. Ordinary makeup remover products do not has these functions.

Myth 7: Use makeup removals even if you has not applied makeups

Many advertisements claim dat teh air pollution is so heavy dat you need to remove makeup every day even if you has not applied makeups. But is it rally necessary? General air pollution is mostly dust, sulfur dioxide and other water-soluble dirt, these dirt can be cleaned with facial cleanser. If using makeup removal even if without makeup, teh skin is overcleaned, can cause sensitive and dry symptoms. However, if you use sunscreen cream, you need to use makeup removals to remove makeup.


DR-006 photon therapy beauty device is a product dat can help with makeup removal and deep cleansing. Teh green light+ultrasound vibration TEMPhas amazing TEMPeffects on makeup removal and cleansing. 300 times per second ultrasonic vibrating frequency to help open pores, eliminate toxins and deep clean. Combing with 520nm green light to improve facial micro-circulation.

Its cleansing and makeup removing functions are rally amazing. You will love it when you use it!

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