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Photon Lighting Therapy Devices for Skin Care from MeiigoBeauty

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Photon Lighting Therapy Devices for Skin Care

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Red and blue LED lights devices are recommended by dermatologists for the healing process.

Although acne breakouts are more commonly associated with adolescence, the problem can occur at any age. Surface or deep blemishes develop when glands produce an excess of oil, which blocks pores and creates the ideal environment for bacterial growth. While there are many different prescription formulations available as acne treatments, with the growing concerns about chemicals, many patients opt for light therapy to treat their hormonal or cystic acne. Home-use devices feature red and blue LED lights that combine efforts to reduce inflammation while killing harmful bacteria. Light therapy is recommended by dermatologists to aid in the healing process and inhibit future skin eruptions.


Light therapy involves using different colors of visible light to treat minor skin conditions.

What is light therapy you may ask? Light therapy offers many users another way to treat their acne. No harsh chemicals, no smelly creams, no sensitivity to sunlight.

Blue Light Therapy Uses

Blue light therapy works by killing the acne-causing bacteria P. Acnes at the source. It is effective for facial, back, and body acne when used according to the manufacturer’s directions. Some users may find light therapy helpful for cystic acne, rosacea, and acne scars. Generally, it’s marketed for the treatment of mild to moderate hormonal acne. Blue light is able to penetrate deep into your pores. This can end acne breakouts before they reach the surface. Besides prevention, blue light also appears to reduce the appearance of active breakouts. It decreases the build-up of oils on your skin and over time may even reduce pore size.

Most cases of acne have been treated with topical creams and internal medications. These products are designed to relieve acne symptoms. However, in some cased thy only end up making skin conditions worse. These traditional treatments often come with side effects. Those side effects can include dry skin, itching, irritation, sunburns, sunlight sensitivity, and even further acne inflammation. Some internal medications have been known to cause stomach irritations as well. Cryogenic therapies and collagen injections help in acne regimens. But they can also be painful.

Blue light therapy was designed to have no side effects. It is safe for all skin types. There’s no light sensitivity after use as with other skin therapies. Your skin won’t dry out or crack so there is no premature aging of the skin. There may be some change in skin pigmentation but it is only temporary. This type of therapy is pain-free. Results aren’t dependent on weeks and weeks of use as with traditional therapy methods. You can see a difference in your skin just after a few sessions of using the light therapy. Your skin may feel smoother and look more radiant. This therapy can be done on anyone from teenagers to adults. It works on all parts of the body affected with acne, not just on the face.

Is Blue Light Therapy Safe?

As with any other beauty products, you should test less sensitive skin before trying it on your face. This helps assure that you won’t have any adverse reactions. Compared to medical treatments, blue light therapy has limited side effects. With some medicines, users may experience light sensitivity, nausea, skin sensitivity, and headaches. Light therapy offers a way to escape these problems, and it won’t bleach your clothes, either. Even though there are no chemicals or medicines, pregnant women should avoid light therapy. Treatment during pregnancy has not been evaluated for safety. For patients under 13 years old, it’s recommended that treatment be supervised.

Since light therapy relies on a high-intensity light, you shouldn’t treat near your eyes. The risks are usually diminished with appropriate light goggles. Many kits come with these goggles included. Some treatments will cause acne to worsen before it gets better. Light therapy is not known to make acne worse. There are no chemicals or additives. As long as you follow the directions, the safety of light therapy is higher than other treatments.

DR 008 Feature image small size 1024x682 - Photon Lighting Therapy Devices for Skin Care from MeiigoBeautyBenefits of At-home Blue Light Therapy

  • Light therapy is increasing in popularity as people begin looking to eliminate harsh chemicals from their lives. Because light therapy only uses light and heat, there are relatively few side effects. When compared to salicylic acid treatments or facial scrubs, the risks are low.
  • There are many benefits to this treatment, one being that it can be done at home. Acne sufferers can benefit greatly from using blue light therapy at home. It is a relatively new concept with amazing results. With more home products now on the market, this therapy is more accessible to the public. No more waiting for a doctor to prescribe therapy. As opposed to traditional acne treatments, this one has very few if any side effects. It is a safe alternative. Other benefits include:
  • It is non-invasive unlike laser surgery or dermabrasion treatments. Sessions are short and pain-free. Any skin redness will be mild and disappear quickly.
  • There is no downtime after a treatment session. You can quickly get back to normal everyday routines. Treatments are done in the doctor’s office often require some downtime to let your skin heal from any redness or irritation.
  • At-home devices can be used anywhere. Use them while lying in bed, reading a book or even watching a movie.
  • There are no major or long-lasting side effects as with other treatments. Your skin will not burn, dry or peel. There are no internal side effects either. Some prescription medications have been known to cause stomach issues or other sensitivity.
  • At-home products are easy to use. They are lightweight and economical. Best of all you only purchase it once. No more need for prescription refills or excessive pricey doctor or spa visits.

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