Meiigo beauty photon beauty device white DR 006 1 866x577 - Meiigo skincare knowledge of DR-006 photon beauty device

Meiigo skincare knowledge of DR-006 photon beauty device

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DR 006 20180614 1 - Meiigo skincare knowledge of DR-006 photon beauty device

The DR-006 device is the latest development of Meiigo beauty. The unique powder puff appearance has won the A’ Design Award, which draw the public’s attention and arouse their interest. The newly item is served with a wireless charging base making the beauty device completely waterproof. The beauty device importing head is made of SUS316 Stainless steel, which with higher corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance.

The Meiigo DR-006 is gather with top technology combining three primary skin care functions: Cleansing, ION infusing and lifting.

Cleansing: High frequency ultrasonic vibration and deep skin penetration, enhancing three times of better effects on makeup removing and cleansing. 26,000 Hertz biochemical transverse ultrasonic vibration wave, 13,000 Hertz biochemical vertical ultrasonic vibration wave, and 520nm green light to improve facial circulation and eliminate toxins.

ION infusing: Effectively transport ION to the dermis, promoting 150% absorption of the skin care products, plus 630nm red light to repair the skin mucous membrane and strengthen the cell vitality.

Lifting: Low frequency current EMS to activate the elastic fiber, diminish 68% of pigment residue and shape V-line contour, 470nm blue light to enhance muscular ligaments and promote skin absorption.

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