Meiigo beauty photon beauty device DR 006 7 866x577 - The latest photon beauty device DR-006 from Meiigo Beauty

The latest photon beauty device DR-006 from Meiigo Beauty

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Home use 3 in 1 photon beauty device, machine for wholesale from China supplier at cheap price; with the 3 major functions of cleaning, infusing, and face lifting, the easy to use mini portable Meiigo DR-006 photon beauty machine is an idea and cost effective home use beauty machine for house wife, lady, grow up girl etc. If you are looking for the latest technology beauty device, DR-006 is a good choice for you.

Nowadays the at-home beauty devices are getting more and more popular. It seems that it’s embarrassed to say you are doing skin care if you don’t have one or two beauty device items. However, the price varies a lot. You may avoid buying one with cheap price while worrying its quality. For those with high price claiming with good quality, you may still have the concerns that if it’s suitable and useful. The prices prevent us to own a beauty device that it’s suitable to ourselves.

But, looking at our skin which is getting worse from day to day, most of us can’t help buying one. However, with so many choices and varying technologies available in the marketplace, it’s difficult to choose one that is suitable to you.

DR-006 3 in 1 photon beauty device


  • Face lifting

A beauty device with face lifting function is required by most of people. So, there are various kinds of beauty device with this function in the current market. One of the most popular face lifting beauty device is DR-006 from Meiigo Beauty. Unique EMS current can activate cells, promote the proliferation of collagen protein, and stimulate muscle to move up, making skin feel picotement and elastic. Stimulation of subcutaneous tissue activates the cells and stimulates collagen to contract and reorganize, making facial muscles more tense, dynamic and elastic.

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face lifting with EMS and blue lights by DR-006



  • Infusing

Looking for a beauty device that can import skincare products making them absorb better? DR-006 is also a good choice for you. The Ion- infuse function together with red light and high frequency vibration makes the skincare products penetrate deep into the skin, so as to strengthen the cell vitality, stimulate absorption of skincare products, rejuvenate the face, encourage cellular repair, and boost the circulation to face, making the complexion to be more youthful and vitalized.

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Infusing nutrition with Ion- by DR-006 beauty device



  • Cleaning

Worrying about uncleanness after removing makeup? You can be rest assured when using the DR-006 to remove makeup. Ultrasonic vibration together with green light work better on cleaning. Green light calms and balances skin tone. A long-term treatment can leave the skin even and bright. The 300/rpm ultrasonic vibration can help to open pores and eliminate fat particles and toxins so as to achieve the effects of deep cleaning. Also, vibration can promote blood circulation and metabolism.

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Face cleansing, make-up removal with ultrasound by DR-006 beauty device

With three major functions in one beauty device, DR-006 is such a cost-effective product that no one would like to miss it. Just come to us to get one for yourselves.


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