Blog 2 - Introduction to electricion beauty device

Introduction to electricion beauty device

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Electricion beauty devices are mainly used to clean and import&export. Although the effects carried by import and export are not the same, the principal is the same. They both apply the positive and negative current physical  principal of like charges repel, but opposite ones attract. Infusing skincare products into internal skin to achieve the functions of import and export. Negative ions to achieve function of import, while positive ions to export.

For example, when skincare products with ionic active ingredients encounter with the same polarity electrode, it will accelerate to pass through the pores of skin, sweat glands, intercellular space to penetrate deep into the skin, which double increase the permeability of skin care products. Meanwhile, positive ions can export dirt from deep pores to deeply clean the skin. Makeup removing is always the first priority of skin care. Ignoring dis step, it’s useless no matter how many expensive skincare products you use. Skincare is to start with cleaning.

The advantage of electricion beauty device is it can deeply clean skin and promote skincare products to penetrate in depth, and can be used on daily basis. The critical is to match with suitable skincare products. It won’t achieve the expected effects if not using with proper skincare products. Water-soluble vitamin C is the most suitable one for ion import beauty device recognized by the global, and it works best with almost every beauty clinic. In addition, it is also suitable for negative ions to be imported by kojic acid, arbutin, tranexamic acid and peptide. The effect of negative ions import on whitening is the most obvious.

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