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High prices can’t stop the passion for beauty to use the beauty devices

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What is the power to make women believe that the home use beauty device can V face, face lift and tighten, and reduce pores? Does it play a role in solving problem skin or better add value to service?

     Although beauty instruments are expensive, the market is still growing very fast.
According to background data from various well-known online sales platforms, facial cleanser products, and personal care appliances (including shaving, hair removal devices, and mouth care) have grown at a compound annual growth rate of 11% and 8% respectively. The facial cleansing device will have a total sales of 3.2 billion dollars last year to 8.26 billion dollars in 2020. This is not including the facial steaming machine and facial anti-aging instruments. A well-known person in charge of the beauty industry said that the beauty equipment industry is growing at a rapid rate and has increased seven times in the past two years.

BR012 heating facial brush 1  - High prices can't stop the passion for beauty to use the beauty devices

       Anti-aging has become a major skincare requirement for women over 30 years of age. Among them, 82% of women use skincare products, 50% use household skincare tools, 28% go to the beauty salons for skincare, 10% go to dermatology clinics, and 4% women go to hospitals for medical cosmetology (micro-plastic surgery). It can be seen that in addition to skincare products, more than half of women will consider using skin care tools such as home use beauty instruments. The facial lifting & facial firming, diminishing fine lines and shrinking pores are the three main expectations for the effect thru the beauty devices and facial beauty tools.

ultrasonic skin scrubber in SC004S - High prices can't stop the passion for beauty to use the beauty devices

      The purchasing power of new users is very strong, and the pursuit of beauty has gone beyond the geographic level. The Internet market and social media markets make the promotion of similar products smoother.



What technology is hidden in beauty machines?

      The beauty instrument has two functions. The first one is to help the skin be better cleaned. It can be cleaned by ultrasonic skin scrubber, an electric facial cleansing tool, Ion exporting and other physical methods to reduce the possibility that some sensitive skin may be allergic to the active agent in the cleansing milk. The other is to help skincare products absorb, heating helps to introduce skincare products. At the level of medical beauty, the hospital has ultrasound, laser, radiofrequency and other treatments. The home beauty instrument is actually just a simplified version.

      In terms of anti-aging, skincare products can only delay and reduce. Photon skin rejuvenation and RF beauty device are good choices

How to do the anti-aging?

      First, do a good job moisturizing and sunscreen work is very important.

photon lighting therapy beauty device of DR006 from meiigobeauty - High prices can't stop the passion for beauty to use the beauty devices

      For home use beauty machines, use the red light and RF is the way to solve the aging problem.

      When collagen fibers are heated, the hydrogen bonds and cross-chains are broken, and the triple helix structure is loosened. When heated to a certain level, collagen fibers would be changed, and achieve immediate contraction. In addition, thermal damage to the tissue can initiate repair functions and stimulate fibroblast activation, thereby promoting collagen hyperplasia and thickening.

      RF is an electromagnetic wave between 3KHz ~ 300GHz. When radiofrequency current is applied to the human body, the skin and subcutaneous tissue become electrical conductors, which creates resistance to the passing current, triggers high-speed oscillation and friction of water molecules in the tissue cells to generate heat, and achieves the therapeutic effect through the thermal effect of the tissue.

      The principle of RF skin tightening has two aspects: immediate thermal contraction of collagen, and repair of collagen thermal damage after dermis heating. Most laser and intense pulsed light treatments target the photothermal effect produced by a specific chromophore, while radiofrequency treatment is an electrothermal effect that acts on the target tissue.

Beauty Device 1 - High prices can't stop the passion for beauty to use the beauty devicesBeauty Device 2 - High prices can't stop the passion for beauty to use the beauty devices

      Some people have proposed a short period of visible light with a certain degree of blackness, but the light of the beauty instrument does not include ultraviolet rays that hurt the skin, so don’t worry about it. There is also energy control. If the light is controlled well, there is no other stray light, and it will not cause damage to the skin. Therefore, in the daily use of the beauty machine, it is best to develop according to the characteristics of the skin under the standard.

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