Meiigo beauty face mask machine purple FM002 3 866x548 - DIY fruit mask making machine, a new craze in beauty world now!

DIY fruit mask making machine, a new craze in beauty world now!

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When the DIY fruit mask making machines first came out, it drew the public’s attention to focus on this tiny but more cost-effective skincare device. Now years passed by, it’s still popular and prevailing in the most part of the world, especially in the American and European countries. Many makeup bloggers and beauty experts have recommended the DIY fruit mask making machines to their audience. So many people are willing to own one for themselves to make natural organic masks free at home to target at different skin concerns. So, what makes this machine so popular? Let’s take a look at the FM002 DIY fruit mask making machine from Meiigo Beauty.

Meiigo Beauty FM002 fruit mask making machine

With collagen pills and water, the machine is to turn fruit/vegetable into semi-solid, hydrogel sheet masks, using almost everything you want, from fruits, honey, milk, red wine, egg whites to any vegetables, tea or liquid beautifying ingredients. This allows you to make different natural masks for different skin concerns at a most cost-effective price.

The FM002 machine from Meiigo Beauty is a full-automatic machine with three major functions, which are mask making, face steaming and cleaning. The mask machine heats and mixes the ingredients for around 6 minutes. When it’s ready, the machine beeps and the liquid automatically flows into a face mask mold and wait for about 5 minutes for it to cool and set. The jelly-like sheet mask comes away from the mold easily and can be immediately applied to your face. You don’t have to pour the mix into the mold like other machines. When waiting the mask to cool and set, you can clean the cavity and then have your face steamed. For the cleaning function, just pour water into the cavity and keep pressing the Mask button for 5 seconds, the machine spins around and what you need to do is to use a clean brush to slightly sweep the cavity. When finish, pour out the water. It’s easy and convenient. For the face steaming function, pour no more than 100ml water into the cavity and press the Steam button. Vapors comes out in 2 to 3 minutes. Keep your face 20cm away from the machine to avoid scalding. Have face steaming before applying masks helps better absorption.

This innovative machines makes it possible for you to use almost hundreds of different ingredients to make different masks target at different skin concerns. It’s fun and natural and environmentally-friendly. Most importantly, it’s cost effective. Meiigo Beauty sells this product at a most competitive price, the pricing includes 24pcs collagen pills. Please visit our website to know more about it:

Here are some tips of DIY your natural masks to solve different skin concerns:

Anti-wrinkle: red wine, carrot, orange, watermelon, dragon fruit, cucumber, strawberry, cherry, etc.

Red wine: Red wine contains a wealth of acid, can remove aged keratin, promote cells regeneration, fade spots, whitening skin, resist aging and tighten skin.

Carrot: Carotene, main ingredient of carrot, enhances metabolism which could retard the oxidation of skin, replenish water lost and diminishes wrinkles.

Orange: Orange contains various kinds of vitamins which can contract loose skin, protect skin from aging and so as to soften the horny layer and keratin cuticle.

Watermelon: Mask with watermelon as main ingredient provides nutrient to skin, deep whitens into derma. Long term uses protect skin from over-exposure to sun ray.

Cucumber: Cucumber is rich in vitamin E, is a deep nourishment for anti-aging.

Whiten and fade spots: apple, kiwi, yogurt, honey, potato, lemon, celery, tomato, etc.

Kiwi: It’s stronger in anti-oxidative ingredients, helps skin in fighting oxidation and whitening.

Apple: Most of the nutrition in apple is water soluble (hydrophilic) and can be easily be absorbed by the skin. A mask with an ingredient from apple shall help keep a tender and mist skin.

Yogurt: Yogurt with lactic acid has a very good moisturizing effect, and can remove keratin, moisturize, restore, smooth and tender skin.

Potato: Raw potatoes are rich in minerals such as potassium, sulphur and phosphorous which are excellent for skin care. Vitamins and antioxidant compounds that are found in raw potato juice help improve skin tone, eliminate spots and dark circle.

Lemon: Lemon is rich in vitamin A, B, C, D, E and limonene (dehydrobruceine, poncimarin, limonin). Lycium acid which is the best choice to beautify and whiten skin. However, sensitive skin should be cautiously used.

Celery: Celery riches in vitamins can replenish water loss, effectively reduce speckles. Since celery is a photosensitive matter, it protects skin from excessive ray.

Tomato: Tomato is a good choice for skin moist retaining as its nature offers and reduces spots.

Eliminating acne: chamomile, aloe, pumpkin, etc.

Chamomile: The chamomile has a moisturizing, soothing and cooling function for the pores, which help the skin regeneration.

Natural aloe: The natural aloe has cooling, calming, moisturizing, soothing and sebaceous secretion balance effects on skin. To be used after sun exposure or when skin shows signs of imitation.

Pumpkin: The pumpkin is great for your skin. They re loaded with vitamin A, C and E, and also heaps of beta-carotene, zinc, potassium, and antioxidants, which can help eliminate redness.

Firming and oil control: green tea, honey+grapefruit, jasmine, grape, pear, lavender, etc.

Green tea: The rich content of vitamin C, caffeine, theanine in green tea can effectively anti-oxidant and neutralize swimming ion, which comes out with good anti-acne, firming pores and improving dark circles effects.

Honey and grapefruit: Sterilization, moisturizing, balancing grease, whitening, promoting metabolism. Brighten and make skin moist and complexion.

Jasmine tea: Jasmine contains vitamin and organic substance such as benzyl alcohol, linalool ester, and jasmine. Its soft cream ingredients help shrink pores, fresh skin for a smooth and tender skin, with also the function to improve drying skin and anti-aging.

Grape: Grape is rich in polyphenols which could help with the contraction of pores and moist skin.

Pear: Pear is rich in vitamin C which can clean skin in depth and balance grease.

Lavender: The lavender can heal blemished skin, its magic with oil absorbing, regenerating and purifying skin function.

Other ingredients tips:

Milk: Milk has content of rich fat, vitamins and minerals. It’s a natural moisturizer easily absorbed by skin. It prevents dryness, repairs dry lines, whitens and beautifies skin.

Yogurt & honey: Honey to promote skin metabolism, slow down the deposition of melanin. Yogurt contains a variety of vitamins, makes skin tender and delicate. Yogurt and honey can nourish skin and whiten.

Tomato & pear: Moisturize and repair skin, clear free radicals, delicate and brighten skin.

Cucumber & honey: Cucumber is with moisturizing whitening effect, honey has bactericidal moisturizing effects. Cucumber and honey mask can moisturize skin, brighten complexion and ease black eyes.

Strawberry & yogurt: Deep moisturizing, replenish nutrition, make skin moist and shiny.

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