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Founded in 2013, Zhongshan Meiyigou Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for personal skincare beauty device products. We devote to creating high quality beauty device for healthy beauty care. Integrating product developing, molding and producing together, we dedicate ourselves to provide the best service to satisfy our customers .
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DR-006 Clean-infuse-lift beauty device, with green, red and blue photon therapy beauty machine from Meiigo Beauty

1. Intelligent Cleansing Skincare Machine (ICSM)
2. Ultrasonic vibration: Deep penetration, stimulate collagen protein and blood circulation, anti bacterial cleansing

3. Negative Ion (Ion-) : Stimulate nerves, promote blood circulation, strengthen firmness.

4. Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS): Lifting and firming skin, shaping V-face contour.

5. LED lights treatment (green-red-blue): Cleansing--Whitening--Lifting.

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BR-006 Silicone Facial cleansing brush

1. Medical grade silicone, soft and safe
2. One key button, promise speed vibration

3. USB charging, built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium batteries with wireless charging base, convenient charging, use longer for 4 hours.

4. Waterproof, can use everywhere, even having a shower.

5. Shake dirt out of the deep pores, remove makeup residue and remove wrinkles and anti-aging.

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